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No wifi after latest update


Hi Team,

I have an old HP 650 laptop that I use as my daily driver. I updated Nutyx yesterday and lost my wifi completely. I swapped the hard drive out with another older distro and wifi was back, so I know the hardware hasn't failed.  To check that something didn't break during the upgrade, I downloaded the latest XFCE ISO of Nutyx, it didn't see my wifi hardware.There has been talk of dropping older wifi drivers from the kernel for some time. Has that day finally come?  I believe  the wifi card is Ralink 802.11b/g/n WiFi adapter.


Hi Devlin7

Sorry about this inconvenience. In mean time we fix the issue, so hope you can use temporarly a wired network to upgrade the faulty package.

We found and fix the problem.

A simple:

--- Code: ---sudo cards upgrade
--- End code ---
should fix the issue

Greatings for end of the years

Best regards


Thanks Thierry

So glad it is working. I switched to some other distros I had preloaded on other hard drives, it was painfully slow.

Have a great Xmas, mine here in NZ is just about done.




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