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Fix Printing (No Print Service)



I noticed this on the GNOME version of NuTyX. If I go to the Printers menu in the gnome-control-center (AKA Settings), I cannot add a printer because "No Print Service" is detected. In fact, at the top it says "Error: some settings cannot be unlocked". Launching it from the terminal (GNOME Console) returns the following:

--- Quote ---cc-printers-panel[ 2392]: WARNING: Your system does not have the cups-pk-helper's policy "org.opensuse.cupspkhelper.mechanism.all-edit" installed. Please check your installation
--- End quote ---
I also tested it on a fresh NuTyX installation in a virtual machine, the result was the same.

Thank you in advance!

Hi I will get this fixed, I tested and comfirm adding "cups-pk-helper" fixes the issue


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