Author Topic: updating LFS to NutyX  (Read 5934 times)


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updating LFS to NutyX
« on: Thu Mar 26 10:46:38 2015 »
I was wondering if there is a method someone knows of to sync an existing LFS install with available ports for saravane and switch to NutyX.

I have a few LFS 7.5 installs that I would like to switch over to NutyX, I added pkgutils and I could add ports and prt-get as well. If I do, then how can I make sure ports -u and prt-get sysup will work as expected?


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Re: updating LFS to NutyX
« Reply #1 on: Thu Mar 26 20:19:09 2015 »
I see no reason why not, as long you take care yourself of the pre and post-install.