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Hardware / Re: Minor mouse problem
« Last post by spiky on Wed Jul 19 16:48:02 2023 »
Hi have you installed xorg-xf86-input-synaptics ?
Hardware / Minor mouse problem
« Last post by devlin7 on Fri Jul 14 00:10:04 2023 »
Hi, I just installed Nutyx Enlightenment version 23.06  on an HP 650G1 laptop. Everything is going well except for the lower mouse keys. The track pad has two sets of mouse buttons, two above the trackpad and two below. The top two mouse buttons function normally, the lower two don't work at all unless you are moving the mouse. It seems that I need to be using the trackpad for the lower keys to function. Any thoughts?
General / Re: How to remove unneeded modules
« Last post by Thierry on Sun Jun 25 20:42:41 2023 »
What is the file you're using for blacklisting ?
General / Re: How to remove unneeded modules
« Last post by Dj on Sat Jun 24 16:47:51 2023 »
Sorry for bumping this thread. I have been trying to blacklist acpi-cpufreq.
 But that module is still active.
 Can anyone help ?
General / Re: gthumb available?
« Last post by spiky on Sat Jun 10 06:17:05 2023 »
Gthumb is now availble on rolling, Please test it and let us know.
General / Re: gthumb available?
« Last post by spiky on Fri Jun 09 19:34:28 2023 »
 Regards Gthumb I will look into adding it to Nutyx.
General / Re: gthumb available?
« Last post by unbalancedskunk on Wed Jun 07 17:24:33 2023 »
Well nope but you can install it with Flatpak.
General / gthumb available?
« Last post by gychang on Wed Jun 07 14:59:57 2023 »
seems very nice distro, I am wondering if the photo editor I use gthumb is available.  Tried cards install gthumb etc... but unable to install.  thanks
General / Re: [Multiple Package Requests]-1
« Last post by Thierry on Tue May 30 08:41:52 2023 »

Thank you for your demand. As you know already, we maintains more then 2000 packages with two peoples. So we are indeed full busy, and that's ok with that. As Spiky mention it on Telegram. "Help is not something we jump into, we have learned over the years that users dont stay around very long ... and users have there own Ideas what they want, and how it should be run, which then creates problems"

Don't expect too much. We used to build what most lambda peoples needs (browser, email, peer to peer, office suite, instant messaging, music player, video player, etc...

I'm using now this distribution for more almost 16 years. I've never had tto used any of those programms.

I recommend you read the contributor documentation:

- create your own git project.
- clone some collections you need, I guess base, cli and gui would be a good start
- setup your NuTyX so it can install your own package

When your packages are compiling and working fine, you propose them as PR on and hope we will merge them :)

Enjoy your NuTyX

Best Regards,
General / [Multiple Package Requests]-1
« Last post by unbalancedskunk on Sat May 27 08:18:31 2023 »
doas --> sudo alternative(essential)
heimdall --> Samsung S Flash app(essential)
podman --> docker alternative(optional)
distrobox --> easier container based on docker(optional)
surf --> Suckless's web browser(Essential)
cpu-x --> Hardware Informer (Essential)
gnome-boxes --> Easy to use virtual machine(Included by Flatpak so optional)
restic --> althought easily compile-able
tomb --> cli encryption(althought easily compile-able)
droidcam --> Use your phone's camera as webcam (Essential)

0ad (Strategy Game)
Boswars (Strategy Game)

There are all the software that Nutyx additionally needs.
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