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General / Re: Wireguard Package Request
« Last post by Thierry on Tue Feb 13 09:38:31 2024 »
Will look at it tonight and if not too complicated you have it soon

General / Wireguard Package Request
« Last post by ndawka on Mon Feb 12 22:19:37 2024 »

I just noticed, that Wireguard ( seems to be absent from NuTyX repositories? I tried searching for it in the packages, but couldn't find anything even remotely close...
I would need to use Wireguard ASAP. Is there any way to add it to the NuTyX depot?

Thank you in advance!

Release of the latest NuTyX version / NuTyX 24.02.0 available with cards 2.7.4
« Last post by Thierry on Sun Feb 11 10:45:18 2024 »
More info on the news page

Enjoy the new release.

General / Re: Fix Printing (No Print Service)
« Last post by spiky on Sat Dec 30 08:54:35 2023 »
Hi I will get this fixed, I tested and comfirm adding "cups-pk-helper" fixes the issue
Installation / Keyboard Layout on fresh GNOME Installation
« Last post by ndawka on Wed Dec 27 21:19:48 2023 »

I noticed a tiny post-install issue. After NuTyX GNOME installation, I went to the "Keyboard" section in the GNOME Settings and noticed, that in the keyboard layout list there was just "uk". When trying to find that in the "add layout" selection, I found that it was listed as "English (UK)" (which, in this case, are the same). Upon adding that, I had both "uk" and "English (UK)". I have not tested this with other layouts and DEs (such as KDE Plasma). It would be nice, if NuTyX could be installed with the correct layout name. Not critical, but looks out of place, especially when adding a second layout.

General / Fix Printing (No Print Service)
« Last post by ndawka on Wed Dec 27 21:08:14 2023 »

I noticed this on the GNOME version of NuTyX. If I go to the Printers menu in the gnome-control-center (AKA Settings), I cannot add a printer because "No Print Service" is detected. In fact, at the top it says "Error: some settings cannot be unlocked". Launching it from the terminal (GNOME Console) returns the following:
cc-printers-panel[ 2392]: WARNING: Your system does not have the cups-pk-helper's policy "org.opensuse.cupspkhelper.mechanism.all-edit" installed. Please check your installation
I also tested it on a fresh NuTyX installation in a virtual machine, the result was the same.

Thank you in advance!
General / Re: New Package with Itself as a Package Manager
« Last post by ndawka on Mon Dec 25 20:44:04 2023 »
Hi Thierry!

Thank you ever so much for adding these packages! I can compile zig manually from source for the moment being, so no rush with that. But it is great, that you have added the other two!

As far as iftop and julia go, I will test them, when I am back at my work space.

Overall it was a pleasure working with you! Have a great holiday and a happy New Year!  ::)

Just wanted to thank you for your work on the NuTyX GNU/Linux distribution! Your user base interaction abilities are on another level.
General / Re: New Package with Itself as a Package Manager
« Last post by Thierry on Mon Dec 25 19:55:25 2023 »
Hi Ndawka

So far I could build the iftop and julia-bin packages.

You will find them in cli-extra (julia-bin) and gui-extra (iftop) of the rolling version (not in testing).

I did check the recept in AUR from archlinux. Much too much complicate for my little brain.

Enjoy the lasts 2023 days and wish you a good start in 2024

Hardware / RESOLVED: No wifi after latest update
« Last post by devlin7 on Mon Dec 25 05:55:29 2023 »
Thanks Thierry

So glad it is working. I switched to some other distros I had preloaded on other hard drives, it was painfully slow.

Have a great Xmas, mine here in NZ is just about done.


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