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Programming / Install docker
« Last post by paulborel75 on Tue Jan 11 13:11:46 2022 »

When I can install Docker ? with docker-compose ?

General / Re: lfs and nutyx
« Last post by lfsfan on Mon Dec 06 23:49:57 2021 »
Hallo Thierry

grat-os is another linux distribution inspired by LFS using systemd. Maybe ...

Best Regards

I thank you very much for that link. I seems to be a great enterprise that I will like!

I will try it. Perhaps during the Christmas days. I hope I can spend the time.

Are you the author (or who is the author in case of questions (*1 )?

Kind regards.

Hallo rems,

Also to you:

Thank you for your message and your informations!

Kind regards


added: Dec. 07: or does a Forum (or forum thread) be available just for such questions somewhere (better as each other can take advantage of the event. details.
General / Re: lfs and nutyx
« Last post by rems on Sun Dec 05 16:51:37 2021 »
Hello, a great message here.

a. can we use a Nutyx script to build a base?

Just why rebuild what is already done. The nutyx distro is now a binary one since a very long time. You have a lot of prebuild packages even a lot are missing for you need but it's a good base to continue with.

c. is a way (card?) well defined how to continue to grown, compiling each module, the new system...

You can find almost answers to your questions on the nutyx website and on nutyx and mybld manpages. You can  produce a personal collection with all of the packages you think they are missing without rebuilding the existing ones. Mybld script is the compilation bot that help you to produce new binaries on a personal repo that can be shareable for all your nutyx installation via httpd or something else.

If I have really understand your D question, I think it's for similar usage than the C one.

Tell us if you have some particular questions about that or other.

Best regards.
General / Re: lfs and nutyx
« Last post by Thierry on Sun Dec 05 12:22:46 2021 »
Hello lfsfan

Welcome to the NuTyX forums.
Thanks for this long message.

Shorts answers firsts:
can we use a Nutyx script to build a base?
with NuTyX not anymore as NuTyX is now a pure rolling release.

grat-os is another linux distribution inspired by LFS using systemd. Maybe ...

can we use a Nutyx script to build a base?
the mybld command does this for us contributors.

I hope Nutyx will continue to be developed and grown in this direction
As long I'm alive, I don't see why not.

Best Regards
General / lfs and nutyx
« Last post by lfsfan on Sat Dec 04 23:15:48 2021 »

ab. 10 y. ago or a bit more, I did build a Nutyx base with the wonderful Nutyx build script for both kernel and base.

it was

- easy


- (relatively) fast.

the only one problem was, that the Nutyx depository was, at that time, permanently changing and did often cause


as it is often not possible to end such a process at the same time (at both side: the depository did contain incompatible source and the user did remake his work 2 or more days later and the directories needing did contain defect or obsolete parts).

but in case of success, it was fantastic!

(the real problems did begin later: what is possible to do with the base and how to do that: the documentation did not really answer that important question!).

what is today?

a. can we use a Nutyx script to build a base?

b. can we interrupt the work 2..7 day without to have to erase a (not well known or defined) lot of directories just made yet, yesterday?

c. is a way (card?) well defined how to continue to grown, compiling each module, the new system (for ex. add a full environment, for ex.  the poor little jwm (not saving the session), or xfce4 (saving the session and the actual keyboard settings etc.), or for ex. gnome with gnome-browser (epiphany or eolie, better eolie if possible, eolie needs a lot of modules of perl!) as well as gnome office (abiword, gnumeric, gimp, gv, a good editor activable in all languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Tamil etc. with spell checking (what kind of spell checking? spell continue to be a problem in Linux!) and, of course, each minimum ONE adequate font), and, as ersatz for not available presentation in gnome, magicpoint, xsane, tesseract-ocr, gimagereader, mplayer and smplayer, or for ex. a real and authentic KDE with all real KDE applications not mixed with other (konqueror and not firefox, calligra or Koffice and not OO or other one, etc. etc.!)?

d.  and how to continue with divers special applications needing in divers professions or kind of use: easculap (medical imaging), rosegarden (music professions and school), marble and/or merkaartor (both: geograph and school), latex with or not lyx (university for presentations in mathematic, physic, perhaps also in music through mudela, lylipond and frescobaldi, etc.), gramps with the terrible (because so big and so numerous number of modules) python (same problem as with perl, see above "eolie")?

this is fundamental information how useful Nutyx can be in the daily work for people wishing more than a fundamental development system and more a productions system being able to be adapted easily, a wide usable system!

I hope Nutyx will continue to be developed and grown in this direction

and wish to the crew great success!

General / Re: Confused about shut down of NuTyX
« Last post by Thierry on Thu Dec 02 13:33:41 2021 »
Hello magisco

Welcome to the NuTyX forums. NuTyX is NOT shutting down.  :) :) :)
NuTyX domain has been renew for another year.

Spiky and I are working hard on the next major NuTyX release.

- New installer, etc

Best regards,
General / Confused about shut down of NuTyX
« Last post by magisco on Wed Dec 01 15:51:08 2021 »

according to the announce mailing list [1] NuTyX should be shutted down as of 28. November 2021. But instead there was a new release announced on that day. Is nutyx still alive? I would be glad to hear this.

NuTyX / NuTyX 21.10.5 Available
« Last post by Thierry on Sun Nov 28 21:45:36 2021 »
What's up ?

Automatic installation possible

Version 21.10.5 introduces a first version of the installer in automatic mode. If all the conditions are met, the partitioning, formatting and installation of GRUB will be done automatically. The conditions being a single and blank hard disk therefore having no partition table.

Have fun

General / Re: Kernel how to stop upgrade
« Last post by rems on Thu Nov 04 20:23:30 2021 »
Hi, in Nutyx, you have many kernel versions. If you want only kernel 5.10 for example, you have kernel-510 at disposal. With that, the kernel will be always 5.10 but have upgrades for minor versions
Programming / Re: Compiling cards
« Last post by Thierry on Mon Nov 01 10:37:21 2021 »
Hello Bruno,
Welcome on NuTyX forum.

Next time you try to compile something, start with installing cards.devel package (even if you want to recompile it)

Code: [Select]
sudo cards install cards.develIt will pull all the necessary dependencies(gcc.devel, glibc.devel, libarchive.devel, pkg-config, bzip2.devel, zlib.devel, xz.devel, etc) for you.

The warning you get is absolutly normal, that's because the pkgadd utility is statically compiled. It's a glibc warning.

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