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Tips and Tricks / Re: NuTyX equivalent of 'apt-file search <a file>'
« Last post by Thierry on Fri May 08 07:45:37 2020 »
Hello bc1_

That's a very intersting post.

short answer:

Not possible

Long answer

Not implemented on purpose:

1. cards sync would take longer
2. Redundant info in a meta file and in the archive itself, that exactly what I want to avoid as much as possible with cards. For this reason dependencies are only in the archive (as an example), cards deal with that.
3. It was not clear for me, do we really need that feature.

And now.

If this feature, you think is a must, I would need to really think how to implement it in a smart way ;)

Tips and Tricks / NuTyX equivalent of 'apt-file search <a file>'
« Last post by bci_ on Thu May 07 23:52:42 2020 »
I've been looking through the man page for cards, and found the command 'cards query <a file>', which lets me
see in which of my installed packages appears a given file; for example,

Code: [Select]
$ cards query strftime
Retrieve info about the 481 packages: 100 %
Package  File
bash     usr/lib/bash/strftime
python   usr/lib/python3.8/test/__pycache__/test_strftime.cpython-38.opt-1.pyc
python   usr/lib/python3.8/test/__pycache__/test_strftime.cpython-38.opt-2.pyc
python   usr/lib/python3.8/test/__pycache__/test_strftime.cpython-38.pyc
python   usr/lib/python3.8/test/
python2  usr/lib/python2.7/test/
python2  usr/lib/python2.7/test/test_strftime.pyc
python2  usr/lib/python2.7/test/test_strftime.pyo

Not bad; but I'd like to be able to do this with packages that live in the NuTyX package database, as I would in Debian with the 'apt-file' program. (For example, I may be trying to install something, and the installation process complains there's a certain C header missing; I'd then run apt-file on that C header, and then in turn install the corresponding package.) Though, my current case is a bit more mundane than that; I just notice that I'm missing some man pages:

Code: [Select]
$ man 3 printf
No manual entry for printf in section 3
$ man 3 strftime
No manual entry for strftime in section 3

Usually, if I know which package I'm dealing with, I can just do

Code: [Select]
get <package>.man

and I'm done; but this time I don't know what the package is!
Tips and Tricks / Re: Using Java on NuTyX
« Last post by bci_ on Thu May 07 21:24:32 2020 »
Thanks, got it. I had a feeling this was the case :), but I wasn't sure (my experience with Pulseaudio and Bluetooth on NuTyX was similar).


Tips and Tricks / Re: Using Java on NuTyX
« Last post by Thierry on Thu May 07 20:19:19 2020 »

Just logout/login should make it working.
Tips and Tricks / Using Java on NuTyX
« Last post by bci_ on Thu May 07 17:13:01 2020 »

I just installed the openjdk package:

Code: [Select]
$ cards info openjdk
Retrieve info about the 472 packages: 100 %
Name           : openjdk
Description    : OpenJDK 8 updates of the open-source reference of the Java SE 8.
Group          :
Collection     : cli
URL            :
Contributor(s) : Pierre B
Packager       : tnut <>
Version        : 8u141
Release        : 1
Build date     : Sat 29 Feb 2020 05:53:20 AM EST
Installed date : Thu 07 May 2020 01:03:40 PM EDT
Installed Size : 168.27 Mbytes
Number of Files: 742 file(s)
Arch           : x86_64
Man. installed : No
Dependencies   : gcc glibc zlib

 However, the package installation doesn't seem to add 'java' as a universally available program on my system:

Code: [Select]
$ java
bash: java: command not found
Tips and Tricks / Re: Creating a new package: gforth
« Last post by bci_ on Thu May 07 01:33:23 2020 »
Thanks. It's interesting to see what the necessary modifications turned out to be. Maybe it'll help in the building of future
packages.  :)

Also, being able to check build recipes in the AUR is a neat trick.
Tips and Tricks / Re: Creating a new package: gforth
« Last post by Thierry on Wed May 06 09:51:52 2020 »
Your output:
Code: [Select]
=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/perso/gforth/' the result of the compilation error.
As the package is  simple, I went to check if ArchLinux had it in they AUR.

Package is committed. I just add what was missing in your recept.

Tips and Tricks / Creating a new package: gforth
« Last post by bci_ on Tue May 05 13:47:08 2020 »
I'm working on installing a custom package, gforth

I'm using this package file:

Code: [Select]

build() {
cd ${name}-${version}
make DESTDIR=$PKG install
I've made the directory /usr/ports/perso/gforth, and invoke

Code: [Select]
sudo pkgmk -d
Everything works smooth, but at one point I get
Code: [Select]
make[3]: Leaving directory '/usr/ports/perso/gforth/work/src/gforth-0.7.3'
make[2]: Leaving directory '/usr/ports/perso/gforth/work/src/gforth-0.7.3'
make[1]: Leaving directory '/usr/ports/perso/gforth/work/src/gforth-0.7.3'
=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/perso/gforth/' failed.

To check my work, I went ahead and installed the application  normally (not as a package). The installation went through smoothly (so I know it's not a problem with the application itself), and then, for kicks, I went ahead and attempted to complete the package installation - and it worked! I was then able to add the package and have it on my system. However, to make sure my package formula was correct, I uninstalled the package, and got rid of the conventional installation. That is, no more 'gforth' files on my system, except the Pkgfile in gforth's ports folder.

I reattempt the install, and I get this error. When I had succeeded in installing the package, I did, in fact, get that tar.xz file, and was able to use it to fully install the package.
General / Re: NuTyX JWM ISO - Internet refuses to work
« Last post by Thierry on Sun May 03 05:52:58 2020 »
Thank you for your feedback.
Enjoy NuTyX
General / Re: NuTyX JWM ISO - Internet refuses to work
« Last post by bci_ on Sat May 02 18:10:03 2020 »
Hi Thierry,

Your fix worked!  And I love the fact that Bluetooth works in NuTyX :)

So far, so good. Let's see how this goes.
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