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General / Re: New Package with Itself as a Package Manager
« Last post by Thierry on Sun Dec 24 18:12:46 2023 »
Hi ndawka

Thanks a lot for you detailed mail. We will have a look at it. Probably not too complicated to add them (at least the 2 firsts one)
Let's see after the new year is over.
We'll come back to you.

Greatings from Switzerlands

Hardware / Re: No wifi after latest update
« Last post by Thierry on Sun Dec 24 18:10:01 2023 »
Hi Devlin7

Sorry about this inconvenience. In mean time we fix the issue, so hope you can use temporarly a wired network to upgrade the faulty package.

We found and fix the problem.

A simple:
Code: [Select]
sudo cards upgradeshould fix the issue

Greatings for end of the years

Best regards

Beginners / Re: How to install NVIDIA drivers?
« Last post by ndawka on Sat Dec 23 12:15:20 2023 »

Installing Nvidia drivers on NuTyX is pretty simple. I depends on two factors:
  • Your Linux kernel version, could be checked by entering (or pasting)
Code: [Select]
uname -r into you terminal[/li]
[li]and your GPU model, could be checked by installing neofetch (either by using flcards, a graphical cards manager, or by entering (or pasting)
Code: [Select]
sudo cards install neofetch into your terminal), then entering (or pasting)
Code: [Select]
    into you terminal should show you an ASCII-art logo of
NuTyX on the left side and information about your system, including installed GPUs[/li]

Now with that information in mind, we could install the correct driver from the ones listed on this page:

Example configuration (latest stable kernel: 6.5.13 and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080). I would enter (or paste):
Code: [Select]
sudo cards install nvidia-kernel nvidia into the terminal, which will install the Nvidia drivers and the GUI (respectively).

If you could reply with your kernel from the first command and the GPU line from your second command, further assistance can be provided.
General / Re: New Package with Itself as a Package Manager
« Last post by ndawka on Sat Dec 23 11:39:15 2023 »
Hi Thierry!

Sorry for a late response  :(

I was planning on adding three packages, actually:

As a side note I tried compiling iftop, but only managed succesfully compiling the stable 0.17 version and only when I followed But I guess that is pretty simple to do and I just am not knowledgeable enough, even though I tried to follow instructions posted on I might also need help with Zig for the same reason.

The one I was specifically talking about is the julia package. I has a juliaup utility (, that can be used to easily install, update and remove julia from a machine. The interesting part is, that it can be used to update and remove itself as well. So, generally speaking, I would believe the logic would be to do the following:
  • sudo cards install julia: on rolling - download juliaup if not present then install the latest stable version of julia, on testing - download juliaup if not present then install the latest upcoming release (beta) version of julia (information on channels could be found in the available system provided channels section on that same GitHub Juliaup page)
  • sudo cards upgrade: on rolling - install the latest version of juliaup (using juliaup self update) then update julia to the latest stable version, on testing - install the latest version of juliaup (using juliaup self update) then update julia to the latest  upcoming release (beta) version (notably, AFAIK juliaup could be used to install multiple versions of julia, so, perhaps, all installed versions of julia should be updated after juliaup updates itself)
  • sudo cards remove julia: on rolling and testing - remove all installed versions of julia, then remove juliaup using juliaup self uninstall

These are the solutions I came up with. Perhaps you would do something differently, as NuTyX developer. But if I could always use the latest stable version of julia on my rolling NuTyX release, that would be great!

Hardware / No wifi after latest update
« Last post by devlin7 on Fri Dec 22 18:26:25 2023 »
Hi Team,

I have an old HP 650 laptop that I use as my daily driver. I updated Nutyx yesterday and lost my wifi completely. I swapped the hard drive out with another older distro and wifi was back, so I know the hardware hasn't failed.  To check that something didn't break during the upgrade, I downloaded the latest XFCE ISO of Nutyx, it didn't see my wifi hardware.There has been talk of dropping older wifi drivers from the kernel for some time. Has that day finally come?  I believe  the wifi card is Ralink 802.11b/g/n WiFi adapter.

Beginners / How to install NVIDIA drivers?
« Last post by pooble on Mon Dec 18 13:58:41 2023 »
How do i do it?
General / Re: New Package with Itself as a Package Manager
« Last post by Thierry on Fri Dec 15 18:39:58 2023 »
Good idea

Tell us about those packages, maybe they are easy to build. They can then easily be added into existing depot

General / New Package with Itself as a Package Manager
« Last post by ndawka on Wed Dec 13 15:59:38 2023 »

I am planning on adding a few packages to NuTyX. Unfortunately one of them has a non-standard way of installation (downloads a file using curl and installs by running sh on that command) and deinstallation (runs a command via itself with the uninstall flag to uninstall). It also updates via itself by running it with the update flag.

Is there any way to specify what should be run upon the cards install, cards upgrade and cards uninstall commands? And if so, could someone guide me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance!
Installation / Re: Nutyx on Mac hardware
« Last post by ndawka on Sun Nov 19 12:55:36 2023 »
You can try a couple of solutions, as per

First, please check, that the efivar package is installed using
Code: [Select]
sudo cards install efivar. Then:

Check that UEFI boot method is set as default.

Code: [Select]
mount --bind /sys/firmware/efi/efivars /mnt/sys/firmware/efi/efivars before chrooting.

Switch over to systemd using this guide:, then enable efivars using
Code: [Select]
sudo modprobe efivarfs, after that try chrooting into the system and
Code: [Select]
grub install again.

Add efi=runtime to your kernel parameters in /etc/default/grub configuration.

Code: [Select]
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="efi=runtime quiet" (or whatever the default is on NuTyX and add "efi=runtime")
Don't forget
Code: [Select]
sudo update-grub2!
Tips and Tricks / Re: [TRICK] for alsa users only
« Last post by edulof on Wed Nov 08 02:20:10 2023 »
For those on CDE: It will appear more integrated in your workflow to run alsamixer instead of pavucontrol, even if you use apulse. The fact alsa is so simply integrated in nutyx makes it more intuitive to follow than in distros based on huge sized distros and mainstream DEs, which is the other way around.
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