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News / server down on 18.09.2018
« Last post by Thierry on Mon Sep 17 14:10:32 2018 »
For reasons of moving, the depot server will not be available during the day of tomorrow.

It will not be possible to install new packages or update packages that day.

We apologize.

Guth and Thierry
A user / rule permitting the user to be installed without privileges
« Last post by cdrw on Tue Sep 04 18:09:18 2018 »

Tired of installing or unmounting disks, enter the user's password.
Found on the Internet the rule allowing the mounting to the user without privileges.

Code: [Select]
cat /etc/polkit-1/rules.d/20-plugdev-group-mount-override.rules
Code: [Select]
/* */

polkit.addRule(function(action, subject) {
  if ("org.freedesktop.udisks2.") && subject.isInGroup("wheel")) {
    return polkit.Result.YES;

Now the connection of disks and usbkeys does not require a password.

Dear contributors,

I am happy to announce that we are ready to release preliminary results of the "Developer Perception to Microsoft's acquisition of GitHub" survey. These results can be accessed at "". Again thank you for your participation and please feel free to share or discuss these results.

NAIST, Japan
News / NuTyX 10.3 is available
« Last post by Thierry on Sun Jul 29 07:58:09 2018 »
 I'm very please to annonce the new NuTyX 10.3 release.

NuTyX 10.3 comes with:

- le kernel lts 4.14.59 (4.9.114 in 32bits)
- glibc 2.27
- gcc 7.3.0
- binutils 2.30
- python 3.7.0
- xorg-server 1.20.0
- qt 5.11.1
- plasma 5.12.6 LTS (in 64bits)
- kf5 5.48.0 (in 64bits)
- gnome 3.28.1 (in 64bits)
- mate 1.20.1
- xfce4 4.12.3
- firefox 61.0.1
- chromium 68.0.3440.75
- libreoffice

With the new fixed and rolling release model of NuTyX , five news ISOs are available in 64 bits and 32 bits. Sizes are from 296 MB up to 1.7G. They are available on the reorganised download page.
News / Addition of the collection nos in the next version 10.3
« Last post by Thierry on Sun Jul 15 10:49:04 2018 »
If you are (like me) on the "development" branch, it will now be necessary to activate the "nos" collection. Indeed, the next version 10.3 of NuTyX has received many updates (python, icu, perl, ffmpeg, samba, xorg-server, mesa, qt 5, and many others)

In this way it is currently no longer possible for me to compile libreoffice from sources. So I made available the latest stable version of it in the collection "nos".

I took the opportunity to also move the "virtualbox" package which under NuTyX is a binary version (so not compiled) in this same "nos" collection.

The "nos" collection is precisely provided for this purpose. It receives any recipes that are not compiled or (temporarily not compilable)

I put you below the line to add at the beginning of your /etc/cards.conf file:

Code: [Select]
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/nos|
Yours truly

General discussions / Do you know ?
« Last post by Thierry on Thu Jul 12 12:52:28 2018 »
I found this website interesting

Best regards,

Dear contributors,

I am Natnaree Asavaseri and currently undertaking a research internship at Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan. As a part of my research, I am analyzing the impact of Microsoft's acquisition of GitHub.

I would like to conduct a survey to understand how developers perceive the Microsoft's acquisition of GitHub, especially from contributors to Linux distributions and BSD families. So please consider voicing your opinion by allowing us up to 5 minutes to complete our short survey.

We would like to remind you that participation in this survey is completely voluntary and your identity is hidden for anonymity. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
Before you give a try / Re: Any guarantees of future environment for NuTyX?
« Last post by Dania5583 on Sat Jun 16 16:57:54 2018 »
Hi Bozonius Hi Thierry
I think there is a mismatch between the version of virtualbox you use.
Bozonius says  he uses 5.1.12 (are you sure because your test show that you are uncompressing GA 5.2.12) and you Thierry 5.2.12 on both sides.
Normally you must use the same level on both the host and the guest if you have virtualbox 5.1.12 the GA must would be 5.1.12. To complicate the Nutyx kernel has the modules of  virtualbox 5.2.12 compile in.

if you use 5.1.12 the best way is to upgrade Virtualbox to 5.2.12 on the host

Best regards Daniel
From ISO / Install NuTyX in TURBO modus
« Last post by Thierry on Wed Jun 13 19:04:16 2018 »
Install NuTyX in less then 90 seconds is possible:

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