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Installation / Re: Error in installing 22.12
« Last post by Thierry on Mon Dec 26 23:40:53 2022 »

I guess your USB key that you used to transfer the ISO is broken or badly flush.

Here my recommendations:
- Use the dd command and nothing else like it's explain in the tuto.
- A working USB key preferably a smaller size as they last much longer and resist beter to this command dd
- Make sure the flash is finish before removing the key.

Good luck.
Hi all,
Installation / Error in installing 22.12
« Last post by Scyth on Mon Dec 26 06:15:48 2022 »
I thought I would give Nutyx a try out of curiosity. I downloaded the CDE version. And I get an error during the boot. I've never seen such an error before and I would like to know if anyone here has a solution.
Documentation / STEAM AND GAMING
« Last post by Batmanxx1 on Fri Dec 23 09:36:17 2022 »
I would to know if is possible to use STEAM for gaming and wine and lutris, gamehub on Nutyx
Thank you
General / google-chrome
« Last post by constantius on Thu Dec 22 19:05:42 2022 »
Hi. Why did you stopped maintaince google-chrome?
Documentation / Re:
« Last post by Thierry on Mon Dec 19 20:46:52 2022 »
Thanks you for this feedback.

I'm not sure it's totally clear for me but will have look soon.
We work hard to release a new NuTyX 22.12.0 (probably this is the final version number)

Documentation /
« Last post by bru65pag on Sun Dec 18 14:33:17 2022 »
Good afternoon,

I was following the explanation to install Grub as per the web page instructions. The first steps should be:
1/ When booting the ISO, choose the Install option (not the Live option)
2/ Select the Language
2/ A new screen will pop-up with three options: Help, Install, Advanced. Chose Advanced.
3/ Chose the option to install GRUB
3/ You can resume the installation as described on the web page then.

General / Re: Viber won't work
« Last post by bru65pag on Wed Dec 07 21:16:42 2022 »
Good evening,
Viber is an app belonging to Rakuten. It is used in the Philippines (and may be other countries). It basically is an app similar to Whatsapp.
I just installed it on Nutyx, and messaging works perfectly (I did not try to place a call). Here is what I did:
% sudo cards install flatpak
% flatpak install flathub com.viber.Viber (second Viber is with an Uppercase V)
% flatpak run com.viber.Viber
Hope it helps.

General / Re: Viber won't work
« Last post by Thierry on Sat Nov 26 10:40:24 2022 »
I add a link to find out easier what Viber is. Before you did post the original message,  I had never heard of viber.

General / Re: Viber won't work
« Last post by Dj on Mon Nov 21 16:36:50 2022 »
If anyone cares, Viber has been very unstable.
Tested on many Linux distros, working on Alpine linux.
 I hope that it will work on Nutyx.
General / AMD Ryzen and cpupower
« Last post by Dj on Mon Nov 21 16:35:34 2022 »
 can anyone help regarding installing of cpupower ? I have AMD Ryzen 5700u, and I entered "modprobe amd-pstate". No any error.
 But I can't see if amd pstate is in use or not. And I can't see what is my cpu frequency.
 Thank you.
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