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Title: Another new convert to 'Back to Basics'
Post by: myrddin on Sat May 13 13:26:51 2017
"Gruezi"  to you all, from Prince Edward Island in Atlantic Canada,
I am a retired (long time now it seems) systems manager, living here in the Canadian Maritimes. I emigrated from Europe to Canada 37 years ago...Over the last 5 or 6 years, I've distro hopped, ending up on Debian for the last 18 months. It has been over 15 years since I ran a large UNIX manufacturing system, and the need to get back to basics, and get my hands dirty, has been in my mind for some time now. I took the plunge recently, and have just finished completely rebuilding my stereo, using discrete components.
Having spent so many years in the computer industry (1967 to 2008) I do still  remember what a "shift register" did !!!, but like so many, Windows made me a little lazy and complacent, and concern about what was going on in the system was superceded by all the "eye candy" on the screen....
I've just installed a base only Devuan system (the no-systemd "saga") but it is still Debian..
I have a lot of free time (German Shepherds 'and wife' permitting) and I am looking forward to re-learning how to do things without grabbing the mouse....
I admire the hard work that you have put into NuTyX, where you have proved (in practise) that a functional and productive Linux can still be build from the ground up, piece by piece....
I will be installing NuTyX over the weekend, and I want to initially try the bash script, which is already downloaded, once I have re-partitioned. Fortunately, only the Devuan base-system was installed...
Please be prepared for "a few" questions.....
I am really looking forward to the next few months

Title: Re: Another new convert to 'Back to Basics'
Post by: myrddin on Sat May 13 14:19:12 2017
I wanted to add, that I have heard it said about Linux distros, Quote :- " They are series of unconnected software packages, from different places, all tied somehow together, and bolted to a Kernel".. The reasoning behind this argument, which is quite fallacious,  is to promote the view that the Linux Kernel is a sacred unmoving block, that user software is allowed to connect to, but only in a way that is dictated by Linus It is true to a certain extent that any attempt to re-configure the Kernel will cause many Distros to implode, but I believe that dedicated groups like yours, should be "blowing the Alpine Horn" and announcing to the world, that it is not so !!
This is how you should be doing it (if you are prepared to stuggle a little and learn}... Just a thought...

Title: Re: Another new convert to 'Back to Basics'
Post by: Thierry on Sat May 13 18:50:51 2017
Hello myrddin

Welcome to NuTyX.

I hope I will be able to help you as much as I can.

Don't hesitate to check the youtube channel where more and more videos can be found