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General discussions / Re: Latest Update
« Last post by Thierry on Mon Mar 09 12:08:40 2020 »
I think it has to do with automaticaly installed dependencies. In your install, Python (3) was install by request of a packageX you install manualy. With the latest update, It has been a lot of packages dependencies cleanup. As an example when you install Xfce 4.14.1 from a base only python2 is installed (means automaticaly install). So what you need to do is simply to install python3(manualy), it will then never be removed anymore.
General discussions / Re: Music
« Last post by oyim on Mon Mar 09 08:18:45 2020 »
General discussions / Latest Update
« Last post by michael on Mon Mar 09 04:06:36 2020 »
I upgraded today and seem to have lost python3.  'python' starts python2, 'python2' starts python2 and 'python3' gives command not found.  Cards says 'python' is now python 3.8.2, but python2.7... starts.  It may be related, or not, but seem to have stability problems with libreoffice also.
General discussions / Re: Python3 and TK
« Last post by michael on Sat Feb 29 23:37:22 2020 »
Yes Thierry, works fine.  I guess python updated to 3.8.2.  Then I tried cards install python-tkinter.  Didn't write a bunch of files because they were already there, but 'cards install -f python-tkinter' installed the new ones and it works fine.  idle3 is there just like it is supposed to be.  Thank you very much.
General discussions / Re: Python3 and TK
« Last post by Thierry on Sat Feb 29 21:40:12 2020 »
I think I manage:

Just do:

Code: [Select]
sudo cards upgrade
sudo cards install python-tkinter

Hope it's ok

General discussions / Re: Python3 and TK
« Last post by michael on Sat Feb 29 17:43:48 2020 »
I am trying to run idle3 which is an IDE that comes with Python3.  I have idle3 and idle3.8 in /usr/bin.  (also idle, but it is for python2.7)  It I enter idle3 at the CLI, I get the error 'IDLE can't import Tkinter.  Your Python may not be configured for Tk.'  I don't really understand what code these scripts call, but on other systems they bring up a window with the IDE.  Another way I have verified that it was working on other systems, is to open python3 and type 'import tkinter' .  If there is no error message then from CLI 'idle3' also works.  Hope this helps.
General discussions / Re: Python3 and TK
« Last post by Thierry on Sat Feb 29 15:40:19 2020 »
It's a bit more tricky then expected, but faisable without messing up the rest of the python 3.8.2 package.

Do you really need this thinker module in which case I would need a example of Code using it so that I can test if it work as expected before Publishing the python-tkinter module.

Do you have such an exemple for my internal tests before ?

Thank you very much for your interests
General discussions / Re: Python3 and TK
« Last post by Thierry on Sat Feb 29 12:04:49 2020 »
Indeed, you didn't do anything wrong,
To ge the tk python module, I need to compile python with ... tk as a dependancie. I will try to make a python-tk package. Stay tune :D
General discussions / Python3 and TK
« Last post by michael on Fri Feb 28 17:22:53 2020 »
Sorry to be back with another question already.  I am trying to use idle3 with Python3.  It needs tkinter, but I can not get python to recognize it.  Process I have used elsewhere:  Install TCL and TK.  Then re-buiild Python3.  On NuTyX TK does not seem to be included when Python3 is rebuilt, but no error message.  Or is there another issue or am I missing a step? Michael
General discussions / Re: Issue with system sounds
« Last post by Thierry on Fri Feb 28 11:24:25 2020 »
Hi Spiky

Welcome to NuTyX forum :)

Will look at it
Thank you for reporting

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