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General discussions / Re: NuTyX: Still the BEST!
« Last post by Thierry on Mon Feb 17 13:32:32 2020 »
Big Thank you for sharing the info :)
General discussions / NuTyX: Still the BEST!
« Last post by oyim on Mon Feb 17 10:15:30 2020 »
After working on other projects, it's so great to get back on NuTyX! Simply the best system I've ever used!  ;)   :)    :D

Sometimes, I spread myself too thin...   :P

Thank you Thierry!!!
General discussions / Re: Music
« Last post by Thierry on Tue Feb 04 08:55:11 2020 »
Yes I remember I had this soundtrack on some  Real Tape  My MP3 player was a 15 kg Tape Deck :D

A great epoc
General discussions / Re: Music
« Last post by oyim on Mon Feb 03 09:46:41 2020 »

I remember when that movie came out...  ;)
General discussions / Re: Music
« Last post by Thierry on Sun Feb 02 18:34:15 2020 »
Very busy at the moment with "rebuilding" I need a good soundtrack for supporting:

News / Re: NuTyX 20191216 JWM Miyo Linux Available
« Last post by john on Sat Feb 01 18:06:16 2020 »
thanks for the info yeah i going to have a go build on nutyx
thanks also for list of items than will help in the start have a good weekend
News / Re: NuTyX 20191216 JWM Miyo Linux Available
« Last post by oyim on Fri Jan 31 05:22:20 2020 »
In my experience, and I don't mean for this to sound like I'm dodging the question  ;D  but I think that the best bases to build from are the ones that you like the best. I prefer NuTyX and Devuan. I do still mess around with Debian periodically though...simply because Debian was the system that I settled on after all of my distro hopping. Of course, then again...Devuan is Debian without systemd.

I'm not just saying this because this is the NuTyX forum, but I really enjoy building a system from the NuTyX base system the most. Thierry has given easy to follow instructions on the NuTyX website. My first NuTyX system was Openbox that I built from the base system. The base system can be downloaded from the Downloads page here...
...scroll down to the .isos located under the heading "For the regular NuTyX user", and click on the one you want to download. Installation is the same as the JWM .iso. It helps to have a smart phone (or another computer) so that you can view the instructions for how to build a desktop on top of the installed base system. It helps to read over the instructions a time or two before actually doing them, because it helps to know which of the instructions you may want to use or not use. The instructions are located here...

The learning curve on NuTyX for me was figuring out what some packages are called in NuTyX compared to other distros; such as, lxterminal is called lxde-terminal in NuTyX. See my note at the end of this post, and I'll show all of the packages that I install in NuTyX for creating the JWM .iso.

RPM distros...
I won't be much help here. The only real experience that I have with an RPM distro is PCLinuxOS. Unfortunately, they don't offer a base system .iso...or they didn't the last time I checked.

I haven't messed with Arch in quite some time, so I'd be rusty on building a system from Arch. However, my friend eznix has some up-to-date instructions on his Sourceforge site if you want to download them and look them over...

I don't know of an install guide. I used to have a video on YouTube showing how to do it, but that was on a previous channel of mine that's no longer available. I can give you some basic-quick instructions that may be of some help.

1. Download the netinstall .iso
2. During the installation, you'll reach the point where you choose a desktop environment to install. REMOVE all of the check marks except the one next to Standard System Utilities. In other words, you won't install a desktop at all.
3. Finish the installation.

When you reboot into the system, you'll only have a full-screen CLI. This is where you install the packages that you want. So...

1. Log in with your username and password
2. Become root (use su, because sudo won't work).
3. Install what you want. You just need to know the names of the packages that you want to install. If you're familiar with package names and what you need, then you'll be fine. If not, you can use apt search to help.

I know that wasn't much help...sorry. If I run across a good guide, I'll let you know.

Okay, here's all of the packages that I install on the NuTyX-JWM .iso. This is just for a reference in case you want to use it when trying to build from a base NuTyX probably won't need all of these packages. Also, some of the packages are there so that xdgmenumaker will work for the applications menu.

jwm lxdm zip unzip tar xdg-user-dirs sound-theme-freedesktop gvfs alsa-utils alsa-plugins pulseaudio pavucontrol b43-firmware b43-fwcutter xorg-xf86-input-synaptics lxde-terminal lxde-appearance compton conky dejavu-ttf gtk2 gtk3 murrine gtk-engines numlockx yad usbutils flcards python python2 python2-xdg python2-gobject2 python2-gtk gobject-introspection nitrogen gnome-themes-extra pcmanfm lxde-menu-data dmenu leafpad papirus-icon-theme lxde-randr lxde-input volumeicon xdg-utils xorg-xf86-video-ati xorg-xf86-video-intel xorg-xf86-video-nouveau xorg-xf86-video-vesa xorg-xf86-video-amdgpu xorg-xf86-video-qxl xorg-xf86-video-openchrome xorg-xf86-video-fbdev polkit-gnome scrot acpid acpiclient inxi lm-sensors pciutils ntfs-3g xorg-setxkbmap ntp ntp.service xfce4-notifyd xfce4-power-manager make nano wget network-manager-applet wireless-tools wpa-supplicant gpm gpm.service

News / Re: NuTyX 20191216 JWM Miyo Linux Available
« Last post by john on Thu Jan 30 10:54:16 2020 »
Am still on a learning curve enjoy distro hopping  i need to try find that one system i can stick with
think my poor hard drives need a rest  ;D i want to learn build from the bottom up sometimes i cheat browsing github and install in vm and run the scripts and see the out come and modify them

what base system would you say is best to build from and where can i find good guides many thanks
News / Re: NuTyX 20191216 JWM Miyo Linux Available
« Last post by oyim on Thu Jan 30 08:38:27 2020 »
That's a great idea...thanks! In fact, I had actually considered including tlp to begin with, but I like for people to be able to install what they want on their system.  :)

It's kind of ingrained into me because of my past experiences...

Back when I was a distro-hopper (and before I learned how to build my own systems from something like NuTyX, a Debian netinstall, Arch, etc.), I would spend tons of time removing preinstalled software and replacing it with what I wanted to use. After a while, it got REALLY tiresome doing that over and over each time I installed a new system...  ;D ...and I thought to myself, "I wish someone would make a base system available so that people could just install what they want."  ;)

Thanks john!
News / Re: NuTyX 20191216 JWM Miyo Linux Available
« Last post by john on Wed Jan 29 17:12:02 2020 »
Well as the saying goes if it aint broken just break it .. amsure thats the linux way :)

that be great when its up on github .. just downloaded the new iso with updates going to try on 2 old laptops bring them from the grave
just a idea for future releases folks may use this on old machines maybe include tlp and powertop in the iso just help the old stuff get a new life well laptops atleast

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