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rebuilding an already installed package


How can I rebuild a package in saravane?  With sekong I change the Pkgfile release= and use pkgadd -u.
I want to rebuild freetype after installing harfbuzz as recommended in the lfs book.

You need to delete the binaries first. It will then produce a new one via

--- Code: ---pkgmk -u
--- End code ---


As I did report in my last message in this thread Xombrero does not work properly any more probably because of the use in the past from GTK2. As Xombrero works very well in Ubuntu 16.04 and probably other distros I am not using myself (arch, gentoo), I suppose there are actualized sources somewhere.

I did never try to compile myself such a complexe package in the past but I would be interesting to learn how to do that.

Is above way a good way to update correctly Xombrero (as representant for more  ;) other packages not up to date any more)?

What is to do?

Kind regards

Xombrero gives segment fault. I did google a bit. It seams to be a know problem but nobody have really found a solution for it.

Like they say, webkitgtk2 is full of leaking memory like a sieve.
My suggestion, switch for another browser for the time been.


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