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I will be a minimalist
« on: Sun Nov 16 11:21:56 2014 »

I did forget to talk about me! I have to goals in Nutyx:

a/ Ubuntu will not install friendly on the PC of my wife (probably because I always install without CD or USB stick or memory, but it is so: I did buy a very big hard disk to avoid such operations and I find important to preserve this freedom). This PC is the same as mine, but did be probably produced at different time with other chips and other micro programs! On my PC is the installation of Ubuntu absolutely no problem starting frugal the mini ISO! I will give my wife a comfortable software environment and NuTyx Sekong did do it for a long time! Thank you NuTyx!

b/ on my PC I have a kind of maximal installation of Kubuntu / Ubuntu / XFCE actually vers. 14.10. But it is not really what I need: KDE is toooooooo slow! So I try to repeat what I did do years and years ago with Debian: Minimal installs. I will be a minimalist! And I did change the distribution because I would wish to have two ways to do that: compiled build or binaries installation. And I know that it is hard or better a bit complex to do with Debian. In my opinion, NuTyx offers the most flexible environment to do that. I did reinstall the Nutyx base 4 or 5 times yesterday. Depending of, of what? Of the internet communication? Of the number of accesses on the NuTyx server did the installation need between
ab. 20 Minutes to...
ab. 2 hours
(using the script as I did report it in a new thread). Of course it would be really more easy if the step download of the packages would be separate and if would use the already downloaded packages to reinstall or to copy them on my second PC  ;) but I don't know how to do that (if it is possible!)...

why to reinstall as often? i will track the packages with heavy or terrible dependencies. if I do the same in Debian or Ubuntu with aptitude in CLI, aptitude send me before it starts the list and size of the download of dependencies and I can start or refuse depending of my opinion! I did install for example fontforge (I would never use fontforge) with a package. Why? Or gimp with gutenprint. Why? etc.

some Linux app's have the reputation to be smart. Hm... only as long you look only on the application itself (for ex. Xombrero / XXXTERM: there are only a few bytes really, but on top of... a big package, the same package as Midori, a lot more big, it is true, also uses, webkit! it is a small ... frontend! not so with Seamonkey: downloading only 18 MB you get a complete package covering 4 great activity fields: perfect HTML editor WYSYG, perfect email service, perfect IRC communication and of course a browser having nothing to need from Firefox as it is the same base  ;) . and for people as I am doing a lot with land map's and picture, you can open or close immediately 3 of the 4 barres on the browser window and have all the place for your map or picture (and can immediately commute to an other tab / second window instance an reopen the closed barre or barres!).

but I am friend of xombrero for an other reason: it did break with the absurd use of non controllable memorised personal data! It memorises links in text format (like links, like didiwiki!). a terrible inconvenient of modern mozilla software is this a bit perverted use of so many memorised data and reductions in hidden list seeming to be easy to open for freaks and people using spams...

for those reasons

I will be a minimalist:

I give only what I will from me and I will be able to verify what happens  ::) ...