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Title: New nuty user
Post by: john on Sun May 21 16:52:07 2017
Hello folks so i thought i would give nutyx a go in virtualbox it never lasted long it went straight as main os on my pc  8)

Been a ubuntu user for 4 months felt is was so bloated and slow so been testing distros last few weeks think i found a solid os

just a few questions as been an apt user i have to learn cards but seem easy enough but what i want to know how can i install bleachbit and bitmask on system many thanks

Title: Re: New nuty user
Post by: Thierry on Sun May 21 19:31:21 2017
Hello John,

Welcome to NuTyX.

As we are a (very) small team, and if the package you are looking for is not available, you gona have to build it your self.

Take your time and if you still happy with NuTyX in a few weeks, you can investigate (by checking the doc and the YT channe) how to build your owns packages