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Title: Addition of the collection nos in the next version 10.3
Post by: Thierry on Sun Jul 15 10:49:04 2018
If you are (like me) on the "development" branch, it will now be necessary to activate the "nos" collection. Indeed, the next version 10.3 of NuTyX has received many updates (python, icu, perl, ffmpeg, samba, xorg-server, mesa, qt 5, and many others)

In this way it is currently no longer possible for me to compile libreoffice from sources. So I made available the latest stable version of it in the  collection "nos" (

I took the opportunity to also move the "virtualbox" package which under NuTyX is a binary version (so not compiled) in this same "nos" collection.

The "nos" collection is precisely provided for this purpose. It receives any recipes that are not compiled or (temporarily not compilable)

I put you below the line to add at the beginning of your /etc/cards.conf file:

Code: [Select]
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/nos|
Yours truly