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General / Re: gthumb available?
« Last post by unbalancedskunk on Wed Jun 07 17:24:33 2023 »
Well nope but you can install it with Flatpak.
General / gthumb available?
« Last post by gychang on Wed Jun 07 14:59:57 2023 »
seems very nice distro, I am wondering if the photo editor I use gthumb is available.  Tried cards install gthumb etc... but unable to install.  thanks
General / Re: [Multiple Package Requests]-1
« Last post by Thierry on Tue May 30 08:41:52 2023 »

Thank you for your demand. As you know already, we maintains more then 2000 packages with two peoples. So we are indeed full busy, and that's ok with that. As Spiky mention it on Telegram. "Help is not something we jump into, we have learned over the years that users dont stay around very long ... and users have there own Ideas what they want, and how it should be run, which then creates problems"

Don't expect too much. We used to build what most lambda peoples needs (browser, email, peer to peer, office suite, instant messaging, music player, video player, etc...

I'm using now this distribution for more almost 16 years. I've never had tto used any of those programms.

I recommend you read the contributor documentation:

- create your own git project.
- clone some collections you need, I guess base, cli and gui would be a good start
- setup your NuTyX so it can install your own package

When your packages are compiling and working fine, you propose them as PR on and hope we will merge them :)

Enjoy your NuTyX

Best Regards,
General / [Multiple Package Requests]-1
« Last post by unbalancedskunk on Sat May 27 08:18:31 2023 »
doas --> sudo alternative(essential)
heimdall --> Samsung S Flash app(essential)
podman --> docker alternative(optional)
distrobox --> easier container based on docker(optional)
surf --> Suckless's web browser(Essential)
cpu-x --> Hardware Informer (Essential)
gnome-boxes --> Easy to use virtual machine(Included by Flatpak so optional)
restic --> althought easily compile-able
tomb --> cli encryption(althought easily compile-able)
droidcam --> Use your phone's camera as webcam (Essential)

0ad (Strategy Game)
Boswars (Strategy Game)

There are all the software that Nutyx additionally needs.
Beginners / Gaming on NuTyX
« Last post by unbalancedskunk on Thu May 25 06:36:14 2023 »
Note: NuTyX is not multilib, we need flatpak for gaming. You can play chess etc. without Flatpak.

Install Flatpak
Code: [Select]
sudo cards install flatpak
Install Steam
Code: [Select]
flatpak install flathub com.valvesoftware.Steam

Install Heroic Games Launcher
Code: [Select]
flatpak install flathub com.heroicgameslauncher.hgl
Encountered problem on newer protons?
Code: [Select]
sudo chmod 777 /usr/bin/bwrap is a simple solution.

Additional Tools
Code: [Select]
flatpak install flathub org.phoenicis.playonlinux -->PlayonLinux
Code: [Select]
flatpak install flathub net.lutris.Lutris --> Lutris
Code: [Select]
flatpak install flathub net.davidotek.pupgui2 --> ProtonUp-QT
Code: [Select]
flatpak install flathub com.usebottles.bottles --> Good Wine Alternative?

I am Dengesiz Kokarca Uğurcan!
Beginners / Creating new runit service
« Last post by unbalancedskunk on Tue May 23 11:16:11 2023 »
Some background first:

After discovering that NuTyX offer the runit init system I wanted to share a small tutorial how to create an new runit service.

Setting Up NuTyX:

To be able to use runit as init system on NuTyX, we need to change the default init system. Note that on NuTyX runit programm is named runyx.

Onces you did all the changes as explain in the tuto above, you are now ready to reboot and create a new runit service.

Files and Folders locations:

- The /lib/init/services/ folder contains all the services directory that comes with every specific packages.
- The /etc/init folder contains the different run mode directories (single or multi) and a link to the current running mode.

The dockerd example:

Code: [Select]
cd /lib/init/services/
sudo mkdir dockerd
cd dockerd

We now create a file called run
with following contents:
Code: [Select]
[ -e /run/dbus/system_bus_socket ] || exit 1
exec /usr/bin/dockerd

Make sure the run file is executable:

Code: [Select]
sudo chmod 755 run
Start the dockerd example service:

In runit (or runyx) world to start a service we simply create a new link to the desire run mode (single or multi). In our example let's start dockerd when we are in multimode.

Code: [Select]
sudo ln -sv /lib/init/services/dockerd /etc/init/multi/dockerd
Dockerd service is now up and running

Stop the dockerd example service:

To stop the service you simply remove the link just created.
Code: [Select]
sudo rm /etc/init/multi/dockerdNote that you simply remove the link and not the script it self

I am Dengesiz Kokarca!

Review and correct by Thierry ;)
General / Re: [Package Request] UFW
« Last post by Thierry on Sat May 20 12:54:48 2023 »
Hello and welcome to the forums

Why the hell we need  python as a dep for setting up a firewall. Thinks twice.

General / [Package Request] UFW
« Last post by unbalancedskunk on Sat May 20 12:46:46 2023 »
I love ufw(uncomplicated firewall) and use it on linux distros. Please if you can add it, just do it. Thank you.
General / Re: KDE weather widget
« Last post by spiky on Tue May 16 19:39:29 2023 »
Just tried it here as well it works in my location.
General / Re: KDE weather widget
« Last post by Thierry on Sun May 14 17:42:38 2023 »
I can't reproduced the bug, works fine here on a new install
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