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Services / Re: fcron
« Last post by oyim on Mon Sep 16 08:49:09 2019 »
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get fcron.service

That installed it! Thank you!

I'm not sure why I couldn't find it, but I do thank you for putting up with me. :)

Services / Re: fcron
« Last post by Thierry on Mon Sep 16 08:43:06 2019 »
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get fcron.service
Services / Re: fcron
« Last post by oyim on Mon Sep 16 08:38:55 2019 »
Did you install the fcron.service package ?

Thank you Thierry.

I installed fcron.

Before I installed it, I did a terminal search for "cron", and fcron is all that showed up. I don't see a package called fcron.service.
Services / Re: fcron
« Last post by Thierry on Mon Sep 16 08:19:58 2019 »
Did you install the fcron.service package ?
Services / Re: fcron
« Last post by oyim on Mon Sep 16 04:35:30 2019 » crontab for cards sync is working.  :D

However, even though fcron is in /etc/init.d/, it isn't started when I boot the system, and I have to start it each time. Is this how fcron is supposed to work, or is there something else that I need to do to ensure that it always starts?

Thank you!
Services / fcron
« Last post by oyim on Fri Sep 13 04:47:46 2019 »
Hi Thierry,

I've discovered that my script used to perform "cards sync" in the update-notifier isn't actually working, so I thought I would use a cron job for the cards sync.

I installed fcron...which I've never used I did some reading to learn more about it. I created a crontab for cards sync, but it didn't run. I have no logs in /var/log/cron.log of it running. It appears that the fcron service didn't start? So, I looked in /etc/init.d/ and fcron was there.

I checked to see if it was running with...

sudo /etc/init.d/fcron status

...which gave me an output of...

/usr/sbin/fcron is not running.

So I started the service with...

sudo /etc/init.d/fcron start

I checked the status again, and it said it was running.  :D

I was just wondering if it's a possible bug that fcron doesn't start automatically after installing it or after rebooting after installing it?

Now I'm waiting to see if my cron jobs actually work.  ;D   :P

Thank you!

A package / Re: Question about xterm...
« Last post by oyim on Tue Sep 10 11:45:01 2019 »
Thank you Thierry...I assumed it would be included, but I just wanted to make sure.  ;)
A package / Re: Question about xterm...
« Last post by Thierry on Mon Sep 09 18:53:29 2019 »
does xterm always get installed along with xorg?
Short answer: Yes

Long answer: Let's develop why and how come it's true :)

when you check the page: Installing a login manager As you see in both case xorg-xinit is installed. xorg-term is a runtime dependencie of xorg-xinit. xorg-xinit is a runtime dependencie of lxdm and xorg-xdm. So yes as soon you install an graphical interface, it's a must to have xorg-xinit with bring xorg-term (xterm) along.

If you like when we build the package responsible for the update-notifier, we could add xorg-term as a runtime dependencie as well so we are really sure.

They is still another approach it's the one used by xfce4 for example, is to define what terminal tool is going to be the default, I thing it used xdg-utils for that purpose.
A package / Question about xterm...
« Last post by oyim on Mon Sep 09 08:06:59 2019 »
Hi Thierry!

As you know, I have made an update-notifier for my NuTyX installations. I would like to share it with others if they would like to use it, but I have one depends on a terminal to install the upgrades.

I currently have it set to use lxterminal on my Openbox installation and Qterminal on my LXQt installation. So, I have a simple question...

When a user installs any flavor of NuTyX, does xterm always get installed along with xorg?

I'm asking, because if xterm is always included on any NuTyX installation, I can write the script to use xterm so that it will work on any system. Then it wouldn't be necessary for others to edit the script to use their system's terminal...unless...a user wishes to use a different terminal for the update notifier other than xterm.  ;)

I guess a second option would be to show that xterm is a dependency in my instructions?

Thank you!

From ISO / Re: Questions on installing from ISO without Internet
« Last post by BobC on Sat Aug 10 15:26:13 2019 »
I could see from the link that I had chosen a more complex setup.

I downloaded the Mate version, as it looks like a much simpler setup than the 5.4 gb fixed setup.

I booted to USB EFI and too an e option to add the following to the boot codes
acpi_osi=! acpi_osi=Windows i915.preliminary_hw_support=1 video=1024x768@32

Once it got to the install prompts it changed to 1024x768 and was viewable

I then connected my phone to the wifi and turned on tethering and plugged in a USB data cable from the phone to the computer

I used the advanced install and selected the tethered phone connection (should have written down the connection options).  I didn't know what to enter for ESSID or password, but it needed something so I gave it something reasonable.

I was able to connect and get completely installed.  I'm not sure if I will be able to reboot, so may reboot into another linux and update grub from there if it doesn't come up.

Thanks for your help

I downloaded the 5.4 gb fixed ISO.  Is there a way I can do the install without network access, then configure the network later using x-windows tools?  I am connecting via wifi, but it requires login via browser.  The selection boxes want me to select either ethernet or wireless and stall if I say wireless but then it can't connect.

Is there a boot code that I can give it to change the video resolution during install?  My default resolution is 3840x2160 and the characters are too tiny to read even with magnification.  All the distros seem to have this problem.  I am solving it by using my cellphone camera as a 4x magnifier.

Thanks for your help.  The wallpaper you chose looks great and I'm excited to try your newest version.
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