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Shorts answers

1. Does a "rolling" update 'respect' the current fstab?

2.   ..... . Is this the case with NuTyX?
Yes today's kernel of EFI NuTyX is indeed located on the EFI partition. We don't need any bootmanager (grub for exemple) to boot a NuTyX EFI System
Code: [Select]
ls /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT/3/
where 3 is my SystemPartitionNumber

Welcome on NuTyX
And of course, shortly after posting, I found the answer -

Hugo and I decided to split the two systemd and systemv projects.

So, now I can ask a few more questions:

1. Is 10.98 (11.0 RC2) a base for "rolling" updates (or should I wait for 11.0 'final')?

2. Does a "rolling" update 'respect' the current fstab? (For example, if I install NuTyX to an ext4 partition with a separate grub EFI, can I copy the contents of that ext4 partition to a BTRFS subvolume, update its fstab and use a different bootmanager from the one created by the install?)

2a. When EFI-stub was made available, most distros compiled it into their kernel, even though they continued to use a bootmanager/loader (usually GRUB). Is this the case with NuTyX?
Before you give a try / Wither NuTyX? (What's the situation vis-a-vis systemd?)
« Last post by jbk on Tue Mar 19 15:28:12 2019 »
In my explorations of the site, I noted a "under construction" page referencing systemd.

Does this imply a planned transition? An option? Some idea of the future before investing time and effort into trying to shoehorn NuTyX into a BTRFS 'pool' of distros (using rEFInd bootmanager which requires the kernel to include EFI-stub support) ::) would be greatly appreciated. Tx.
News / Re: NuTyX 11 RC2 available
« Last post by saleem on Thu Mar 14 16:29:53 2019 »
I will be sad killing my Miyo Linux rolling version and doing re install
News / Re: NuTyX 11 RC2 available
« Last post by Thierry on Thu Mar 14 16:03:23 2019 »
I see.

So I should call it a semi - rolling release. It's last as long we do not have a major release version upgrade , means 9->10->11

I'm not sure yet but probably this version 11 will be the last fixed version. means from the moment I release it, I will run NuTyX in rolling release mode..
News / Re: NuTyX 11 RC2 available
« Last post by saleem on Wed Mar 13 17:21:32 2019 »
Oh , I thought the Rolling release version of Nutyx is once install only and will keep up to date just by running few commands but this recent NuTyX 11 RC2 release seems to defy what I thought .
News / Re: NuTyX 11 RC2 available
« Last post by Thierry on Wed Mar 13 09:30:47 2019 »
I will not test the upgrade feature even if it  will be possible. It I propose a major version upgrade it's because they are big chance that an upgrade fails since every single package will be updated. And when you know how fast is the installation process ...

Before you reinstall this version, you can choose in the advanced mode of the  installer:

- Erase

then you make an normal new install (WITHOUT any formating process) then you will recover all your personnal data.
News / Re: NuTyX 11 RC2 available
« Last post by saleem on Tue Mar 12 18:29:04 2019 »
So this is a new version and the rolling release I have will not be updated and I have to remove that and install this release now?
News / NuTyX 11 RC2 available
« Last post by Thierry on Mon Mar 11 11:38:48 2019 »
NuTyX 11 RC2 available.

I'm very please to announce the new NuTyX 11 RC2 release means the 10.98 version.

This one is a BASE ISO which makes installation of your favorit desktop and applications very easy.

Available graphical Interfaces are:

- xfce4
- lxde
- mate
- lxqt
- kde5
- gnome
- etc ...

Enjoy your tests
News / NuTyX 11 RC1 available with cards 2.4.94
« Last post by Thierry on Tue Mar 05 14:41:16 2019 »
NuTyX 11 RC1 available with cards 2.4.94

I'm very please to announce the new NuTyX 11 RC1 release means the 10.97 version.

The NuTyX 11 RC1 is a complete recompilation of all the available binaries on NuTyX.

Since everything has been recompiled, most of the packages have been update as well.

The base of NuTyX comes with the new kernel LTS 4.19.26 and the very new kernel 5.0.

The toolchain is completely rebuild around glibc 2.29, gcc 8.3.0 and binutils 2.32.

The graphical server is now in xorg-server 1.20.3, the mesa lib in 18.3.4, gtk3 3.24.3, qt 5.12.1.

The python 3.7.2 and 2.7.16 are updated as well

The MATE Desktop Environment comes in 1.22 the very last version as well.

The KDE Desktop plasma in 5.15.2, Framework in 5.55.0 and applications in 18.12.0

Browsers firefox in 65.0.2 and chromium in 72.0.3626.121 (build by the archlinux team)

Many desktop applications have been updated as well like thunderbird 60.5.1, Scribus 1.5.5, libreoffice, gimp 2.10.8, etc.

1 new MATE Desktop 1.22 ISO is available with various applications. It's size is 1.9 Gbyte. Available on:

check agains following signature:

The installer has been spit in two installation modes: Simple and Advanced installation mode.

Available graphical interfaces are: kde5, mate, xfce4, lxde, flwm, jwm, ratpoison, blackbox, fluxbox, openbox, bspwm, icewm, twm, etc.

The virtualbox-guest package is now include in the MATE ISOS to give the possibility to easily test NuTyX in a virtual environment under virtualbox.


CARDS is now able to track orphelin packages and take care of them... by removing them automaticaly :)

Upgrade process

Since this is a major release, an upgrade is not recommended.

The best way to test this new version it's by remove your existing one and install the new one, possible from this ISO. Your personnal data files won't be touched
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